State Program Links

Here are links to state Century Farm or similar programs. Please let us know (via the Contact form) if we missed your state and what the link is.

Alabama – Century and Heritage Farms

Colorado – Centennial Farms

Delaware – Century Farms

Florida – Century Pioneer Family Farms

Georgia – Centennial Farms

Idaho – Century Farms and Ranches

Illinois – Centennial Farms

Indiana – Hoosier Homestead Farms (Centennial, Sesquicentennial, Bicentennial)

Iowa – Century Farms

Kansas – Century Farms

Massachusetts – Century Farms (new farms recognized every 10 years with last recognition in 2010)

Maryland – Century Farms

Michigan – Centennial Farms

Minnesota – Century and Sesquicentennial Farms

Mississippi – Centennial Farms

Missouri – Century Farms

Montana – Centennial Farms and Ranches

Nebraska – Pioneer Farm Families

New York – Century and Bicentennial Farms

North Carolina – Century Farms

North Dakota – Centennial Farms

Ohio – Century Farms

Oklahoma – Centennial Farms and Ranches

Oregon – Century Farms and Ranches

Pennsylvania – Century and Bicentennial Farms

South Carolina – Century Farms

South Dakota – Century and Quasqui Centennial Farms

Tennessee – Century Farms

Utah – Century Farms and Ranches

Virginia – Century Farms

Vermont – Century Farms (up-to-date information does not seem to be available)

Wisconsin – Century and Sesquicentennial Farms. There doesn’t seem to be a permanent web home for Wisconsin’s program. Contact info is given as either (1) Century or Sesquicentennial Farm & Home Program, 640 South 84th St., West Allis, WI¬† 53214; (414) 777-0580 OR (2) UW-Extension office in Barron; (715) 458-2821. Applications are due March 1 of each year.

Wyoming – Centennial Farms and Ranches